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Rather than creating customers for our designs,

we prefer to create designs for our customers. 

Let's create your dream build!


Using materials that are backed by the rigorous standards of Australia gives our homes a cutting edge on the global platform for quality and peace of mind.

Our standard plans are used to stir your imagination. Creativity with smart systems and clever material choices make the difference between an ordinary to an extraordinary home.

We accommodate your design requirements with competence and efficiency including the best hand selected products and materials available to meet your target.

100% Australian Bluescope steel framing together with quality Australian made materials. Engineered for location, 

weather and environmental conditions.  Built to last longer.

From start to finish, we will prepare you with complete overall insight. Knowledge from the most knowledgeable is readily passed over, keeping you well informed at all times.    

Our lightweight prefabricated steel framing system saves time on site and requires less labour for construction.

Efficiency through smart design and systems allows full compliance in all climatic zones and regions.

Anything goes! Entire flexibility with design, budget and construction requirements. 

our #1 priority, you

Our clients have an interest on how much we know, but are always more reassured with knowing how much we care. 


It was a fantastic service you delivered and through out the whole process you made me feel very comfortable to take on this fairly huge job.

Thanks so much for all your help, patience and efforts. Really appreciated.

Daniel McFadyen

Licenced builder NSW

I have used Mana Kit Homes steel framing system on a number of occasions and found them to be very quick and easy to construct. Mana Kit Homes has been very easy to deal with and has answered any questions I have had during construction quickly and accurately and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to other builders.

Fantastic service. Our trust in Mana to deliver was surpassed. We were well informed along the way with great knowledge, honesty and patience. We are no longer clients of Mana, but are now life long friends enjoying our new Mana Kit Home. 


Andreas schindler

owner builder


Jane & Chris Tootil

owner Builders



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