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Frequently asked


  • Can I use my own plans?
    Yes, you can use your own plans. If you do not have plans, then we encourage that you take advantage of our FREE aligning process, where we will work with you to custom design a home specifically for your needs and within your budgetary realms. This enables you to use your own design ideas and take the best from our standard designs. Custom designing is a far more cost-effective method way of building as the home will be specific to the block of land, your needs and the overall monetary outlay.
  • Can we modify your standard plans?
    Yes, all our plans can be modified. or you can simply use them as ideas and a starting point.
  • What is included in the kit?
    A full inclusions list can be found here. In general, the kit includes all materials required for lockup but does not include any on-site labour (construction, electrical and plumbing, surveys or site clearing), transport and delivery charges or PC items.
  • What is the process?
    Here at Mana Kit Homes we aim to make your experience as easy as possible, with only a few steps you’ll be soon constructing your dream home. You can visit our process page here.
  • Steel vs Timber - what's the advantage of steel over timber?
    We use quality BLUESCOPE steel frames in our kits for a number of reasons. It's borer and termite proof, it’s lightweight, extremely strong, and it won’t shrink, twist or warp like a conventional timber frame. Steel frames allow you to have more design freedom and choice with your build, as they allow us to produce designs that would otherwise be impossible with other materials, such as timber. Click here for more advantages of building with steel.
  • Do you have builders that can construct our home?
    We work with a national data base of reliable tradesmen and can assist in the finding of a good construction team. All on site trades are independent parties and are not employed by Mana Kit Homes, but come highly recommended by previous clients. Click here to view our trades directory.
  • Do you deliver outside of Australia?
    Yes, we deliver internationally and use a fleet of reliable freight forwarding companies.
  • How much will delivery be?
    At Mana Kit Homes our aim is to get the house to your site as cost effctively as possible with no additional margins added. This is determined upon your location as we freight both nationally and internationally. We have a reliable network of freight forwarders or you can make your own arrangements. Delivery can be a one off drop in a shipping container or a progressive delivery where materials are delivered to site in stages.
  • Can my home be built on posts or a concrete slab?
    Yes, all home can be designed for either option. Our design team can advise on both options and how they would work for your specific design and block of land.
  • How strong is your system?
    All our buildings are designed and then certified for compliance by qualified engineers that will ensure your home meets with the required local standards. We can manufacture to comply with cyclone regions, harsh salt air proximity, hot climates, snow loadings and problematic sites.
  • When do I have to start paying money?
    We take a slightly different approach, and rather than taking money up front, we prefer to run you through an aligning process first to see if your project is going to work on paper. Here we create a concept plan and give you insight to costs. When all is in alignment with design and budget, moving forward to initiate professionally drafted plans will incur a drafting fee.
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