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Standard inclusions list for our large range of easy to build Mana kit home designs

Talk to one of our Home Design Consultants to discuss the full range of standard inclusions and options available.

1.plans & Paperwork

4. steel framing

Construction Plans

  • Set of construction layout plans and specifications. Including a site plan to show the dwelling location, boundaries, and land contours, a floor plan, home elevations, a sectional and an electrical layout. Some councils may require more details and documents which can easily be arranged and are costed accordingly if applicable.

Layout Plans & Inventory

  • Including a laminated instruction sheet for onsite installation, and a detailed electronic copy, plus a full inventory list including installation guides for each component.

Footing Design & Certificate

  • A footing design is completed to show either the concrete slab design or the post layout and design. This is certified by an engineer and a Form 15 certificate is issued with the design and layout.

  • Where applicable, Pre-fabricated steel wall framing

  • Where applicable, Pre-fabricated steel roof trusses

  • Where applicable, Steel beams to support roof trusses

  • Roof battens

  • Ceiling battens

  • For elevated homes, steel sub-floor system including steel posts

  • Screws, fixings, tie downs and bracing to erect steel frame 

  • Timber decking or cement sheeting to external deck areas, if applicable

  • Associated screws or fixings for timber or sheet decking, if applicable

5. Walls

  • Walls - Blueboard or Hardie plank cladding as per owner’s specifications

  • Eaves and soffits -HardiFlex sheeting

  • Associated screws and sealants

  • Thermal break 3 in 1 foil backed wall insulation blanket to all exterior walls unless otherwise specified

2. roof

  • Sheet and roof covering – Uni-Coat steel sheeting, hot dipped in aluminum and zinc alloy

  • Fascia – Uni-Coat

  • Ridge capping –Uni-Coat

  • Barge Capping - Uni-Coat

  • Gutters - Uni-Coat

  • Associated fixings and screws

  • Ceiling – Thermal break 3 in 1 foil backed insulation blanket to main internal living roof area unless otherwise specified.

6. internal construction

  • Internal Linings – 10mm plasterboard lining to walls and ceilings

  • All plasterboard fixings, including screws, paper joining tape, setting compounds and corners

  • Villaboard to wet area walls

  • Cornices – 90mm plaster cornice and fixing adhesive

  • Architraves/Skirting – Finger jointed pine as per selection

  • Structaflor internal floor sheeting to main living areas if applicable

  • Water-resistant floor sheeting to wet area floors if applicable

  • Screws, glues, and sealants for floor sheeting if applicable

  • Wardrobe tracking system and chrome hanging rail – for robes where applicable

3. doors and window schedule


  • Front door-Humes high-density honeycomb core construction with a hardwood skin in pre-hung timber frame as per selection.

  • Door furniture-Combination set as per selection.

  • Aluminium sliding, stacker or swing doors -as per plan.

  • Fibre mesh insect screens to all operating aluminum doors.

  • Laundry door-Humes duracoat with glass panel and pre-hung timber frame, if applicable.

  • Garage door-Panel lift with remote control if applicable.

  • Internal doors - As per selection with pre-hung jambs.

  • Door furniture-Combination set as per selections.

  • Wardrobe/s - Flush finish paint grade timber sliding doors with moulded finger grips and tracking systems.

  • Linen door/s-Flush finish paint grade door/s


  • Aluminum sliding windows as per plan with key locks on all windows. 

  • Glazing-Clear glass unless otherwise specified.

  • Fibre mesh insect screens to all operating windows.

  • Galvanised window and door head flashing.

7. items not included

  • Transport and delivery fees

  • All site works

  • Any council related fees 

  • Fit-out items such as kitchen, bathroom, and laundry unless otherwise specified

  • External and internal stairs and balustrade

  • Electrical and plumbing, drainage, tiling, tiles and all painting plus any items not specified in the inclusions list

  • All on site labour and construction

NOTE: All standard inclusions can be changed and substituted upon request where other options are preferred.

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