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Insulation Systems

Insulating your home will determine the overall quality of living. Insulation not only provides heating, but it also caters for cooling, internal climatic control and acoustics. Insulation is no longer a specific product that provides these qualities, it is an entire insulation system.

A well thought out insulating system will give you good climatic control all year round, any acoustic value that might be required and will be energy efficient therefore saving you money long-term.

The days of bulky fibre batts and heavy rolls of foil sarking being the only option on hand are well behind us and there is a world of systems available.

When investigating an insulation system that best suits your home the factors to consider for the overall performance are:

· Wall cavity depth

· External cladding material

· Internal wall lining material

· Roof design

· Roof cavity and air space

· Roof colour

· Additional ceiling insulation

· Glazing

Insulation blankets are a 3 or 4 in 1 solution that have all the properties required to meet with local standards including its insulating properties, a thermal break, a vapour barrier and acoustic value.

Blankets are fibre free, having no volatile organic compounds being released into the air and the blanket is simply rolled out, cut to length and overlapped, so installation is made easier and cleaner. A blanket can be used for the roof cavity, under a suspended flooring system and wrapped around the walls.

Thermal blankets are fire rated and comply with the BAL-levels and they meet and, in some part, exceed the Australian building standards being very suited to a steel framing system.

Mana Kit Homes now uses a variety of thermal blankets replacing the conventional bulky fibre batts and foil sarking in all our kits as our standard insulation.

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