Unwanted structures

When it comes to making your home structurally sound many different methods may apply. Generally these can be hidden and incorporated in to the wall, under floor or roof framing but now and again support may be needed that is visible including beams, bulkheads and posts. 

If a support structure is required and cannot be hidden then rather than look upon it as an obstacle, flip it and make it hold its real estate by becoming useful. A well thought out challenge can end up becoming the main centrepiece.

Here are some ideas:

  • Decorate your support columns with timber, stone or plaster. 

  • Seating can be built beside or between supporting posts, box the columns then build a bench, maybe some seating around them. 

  • Shelving: box the post then build shelving on one or more of its sides.

  • A room divider which can have integrated appliances such a TV in a lounge, or a light niche. Add more posts and make a feature privacy.

  • An outdoor garden with seating or storage.

These are just a few ideas that can be used to make an undesirable structure into a useful and stylish focal point. Stay structurally sound by getting creative.