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budgeting & aligning

Set a budget for the completed project. Then start designing with your plans, our plans, a mix of both or create a custom design. Decide if you will be an owner-builder, project manager or will you engage a licensed builder? Using this information, we will work alongside our engineers, drafting team and estimators to create a 3D render and floor plan of your ideas. We will give advice on structural and design options, new products, systems and materials to ensure you can make the best and most informed choices. A cost estimate of the kit will be given at this stage, all prior to initiating professionally drafted plans. This is a FREE aligning service we offer to ensure all is on track before you start passing over any $$$.




We can arrange this on your behalf or you can use a draftsperson of your choice. Our fee starts from $2,350 for the drafting of preliminary plans which includes a second set to allow for amendments. The contour survey of the block will be needed to allow the draftsperson to site and draw the correct elevations for the dwelling. We suggest you get the plans checked by your local authority and seek any additional advice and information from them that may need to be incorporated into the design or written on the plan for the certification process, before commencing with the final plans. At this stage we will provide an accurate quotation for the kit. 

Architect Checking Plans



A request for the full set of plans or working drawings means that you want to proceed with the investment of owning your dwelling and finalise the certification. To initiate the full working drawings a sales agreement will be prepared and the initial instalment of $10,000 for the kit purchase will be required. The full set of working drawings includes the site plan, all elevations, floor plans, electrical layout and a sectional view, plus any required information needed for certification. Some council may require more documents such as energy efficiency reports, BASIX, engineered plans etc. all of which the Mana Kit Home team can assist with. 

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As a service to our clients, we willingly assist throughout the whole approval process and are happy to do as little or as much as you require. We can be called upon for contacts in areas such as soil tests and surveys, fire rating reports, energy efficiency reports, and BASIX reports to name a few, and all our clients are welcome to request this support. Upon receipt of your approved plans, we then proceed to manufacture where the next installment for the kit is required. This will be followed by two further installments at the applicable manufacturing intervals.

Cargo Worker



Much pre-planning goes into this as we require insight before manufacturing our framing system to ensure it will align with the selected method of freight. A one-off delivery uses a shipping container with all materials packed inside. There are options available to purchase or simply hire a container. The other delivery option is a progressive drop system where materials arrive as they become required in stages. All options are presented for you to select the best option for your project.

Large Modern House with Pool



If you are an owner builder or project manager we will assist with the many contacts and trades available on our database. We are also available to provide you with on-site support and if you intend on engaging a licensed builder we are available to obtain quotations from our network of builders. We are available throughout the entire building process for advice and assistance. 

Congratulations! You did it!

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